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Catholic Teens

If they could see how much your worth, surely they would never cease to praise!

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This a community primarily for Catholic teens, though anyone is welcome. This is basically a place for people to do various things that are faith centred, which includes taking and making faith-inspired graphics (for instance, icons or avatars), chatting to other people, debating (in a friendly and respectable way), praying, asking people to pray for someone or something... anything really.


1. This community is first and foremost a Catholic youth community. Please refrain from joining if you are above the age of 35 or if you are not Catholic. While the community respects other Christian denominations and other religions, this community is intended to provide support for young Catholics who wish to talk about their faith and it is the belief of the administrator that other denominations and religions are simply too diverse and too different from Catholicism for the community to fulfill its purpose with non-Catholic members.
2. Please ensure you show respect for all members of this community, all members of other denominations and religions and any posts made on this community. Please do not use this community as a way of airing your views against non-Catholics - this is not the place to do it.
3. If you are anti-Catholic, satanist, atheist or just generally have a problem with Catholicism, please do not express your views here. Not only is this community for Catholics only, but it would cause great upset if anti-Catholic or anti-Christian views were expressed here.
4. Please do not use this community to advertise - whether that is to advertise a product or your own LJ. If you would like to advertise something and you feel it does not compromise Catholic beliefs, please contact the administrator.
5. This community is faith- and Christ-centred. Please ensure you do not post anything that is not related to Catholicism or Christianity in some way.
6. Long posts and more than 3 images should be placed under an LJ Cut.
7. The Administrator reserves the right to change the rules at any time without notifying members of the communuty.

This is an active community so I hope people will take part as much as possible.