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Hello everybody

Hi, so my name is Liz ! I'm 14 and I am Byzantine Cattholic which is just like Roman Catholic except it's a different rite. I noticed that lots of other ereligous grouaps have communities like this so I was really excited when I stumbled upon this community for teens of my faith. Hopefully I will get to know you all. This is coool because I don't know many catholics my age and there anren't alot of teenagers in my church.

zPlease comment say hi and introduce yourself!
Osipov-Lections_about_Christianity (video, english): http://www.btscene.com/details/1517433/


Hi there I'm new...not that its obvious.

So here's my story.
I was Baptised and raised Christian, well i my mum stopped when i was around 7 she never even tried to go to church after, she was raised catholic and i have always found catholisism to be more my thing.
well when i got into my early teens i basicly had already lost all faith i had in god, my father was raping me we were poor my grandfather was in poor health, but one night i prayed for the first time in years. my mother left my father and we moved. since moving at the age of fourteen. (Im sixteen now)
I've found things about myself i didnt like, i stopped eating i couldnt control my anger anymore.
This year i was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder for those of you who dont know.
It means i go from being extremly happy to extremly down, ive tried to kill myself countless of times.
I finally lost it myself my friends, I needed something to turn to, Im joining our Catholic church her in FOrt St John, Im going for the first time on sunday. wish me luck

Hi Everyone!! I just thought I'd post some advertisement, I'm sorry I can't place the banner here. It's for everyone who'se going to WYD but who hasn't got something to participate in yet.

Singers and musicians for World Youth Day
Sydney and International Youth Forum, Goulburn
Be involved in an International Youth Forum with 200 young people.
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New Kid In Town

Hi Everyone!
I thought I would say hello. I just joined this community and I'm also new to livejournal. I'm very involved in the youth ministry at my church. This past summer I had an amazing opportunity to go on a mission trip to Honduras, and I'm now fundraising for my trip for next summer which is to World Youth Day in Australia. Has anybody here been to a World Youth Day? I'm sooo excited. This is probably my second pilgrimage in two years, my first was to Jerusalem. 

So yeah, I'd love to meet some new friends on here. We can share stories about where we've seen God in our lives.  *smiles*

God Bless you all!


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